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A 16-year-old student from GS St Francois d’Assise Mpushi, Monique Ishimwe explains, “Before getting a Little Sun lamp, at home, we had only one torch and most of the time, its batteries were dead. It was so challenging for me to read or do my homework.”

were forced to resume their studies at home. Many young people have household responsibilities during the daylight hours, and to study and work after dark, families without electricity often burn kerosene for light.

To support young Rwandan women who face many challenges when it comes to energy access and education opportunity, we partnered up with our local partner SaferRwanda and the Rwandan Ministry of Education and distributed over 8,000 solar lamps to students last year.

“After helping my mother at home, I sit in my favorite corner in our house and revise my studies every night. My dream is to become a political leader, maybe our district’s mayor. I want to help everyone in our region to have access to solar energy, I think it would help them to get a better life,” Monique shared.

Powering Aspirations for Monique (c) Denyse K. Uwera