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340 million children in Sub Saharan Africa live without access to electricity. This means they are unable to study after dark, are less likely to stay in school, graduate, and get jobs that can help pull their families out of poverty. And that’s especially true for girls, such as Marjani.

Almost 10 years ago, we started bringing solar light to students in rural Africa and we’ve seen from experience that for children living without electricity, a small solar lamp can have a big impact – giving young minds the opportunity to thrive.

Read Marjani's full story on our blog. You can support Little Sun here on WeShape, and if you want to contribute to our Power to Read campaign – which aims to raise $75,000 to bring solar lamps to 5,000 children in rural Africa so they can learn their lessons, stay in school, and break down barriers to opportunity – head to

Girl Power | Little Sun

Girl Power | Little Sun


With 2100 credits you can finance one solar lamp.

These allow children to study even after dark. And they do so without being exposed to toxic fumes from burning coal or wood.

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