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Bishnu Maya's joy is contagious. The brave woman from Silinge is enjoying her new independence. She has built her own greenhouse with the help of our support. In our specific agricultural trainings, she learned the necessary skills and received seeds and gardening tools.

Bishnu Maya proudly reports that she has already harvested 900 kilograms of tomatoes. She was able to sell most of them. The almost 300 € that Bishnu Maya has earned so far is something very special for her. It is her first own money!

We at LiScha have also become a regular and grateful customer for the farmer, because we need a lot of vegetables for school meals.

Bishnu Maya herself has children who go to school in Silinge and who thus also benefit from the more varied and healthier school food. This is another gain for her and her family, because since becoming self-employed, the mother of three can also upgrade her own menu and enjoy her own income.

It is great to see how our different projects are becoming more and more intertwined and how opportunities and possibilities are opening up for people like Bishnu Maya. Something that strengthens them in the long term.

Thank you all for supporting women like Bishnu Maya on their journey!

Bishnu Maya