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Project work in a country like Nepal and a remote region like our project area is always associated with many unpredictabilities.

In the past weeks, we, Daniela and Steffen, were once again on the road together with our team to visit all the girls and boys of the 16 schools and 23 kindergartens. Not an easy task in the middle of the rainy season. The monsoon was very pronounced this year. The prolonged and heavy rains made the narrow paths impassable again and again or swept away large parts of the path. The challenges were overcome through team spirit and mutual support.

In order to be properly prepared and equipped for the new school year as well as for the upcoming winter, we had given all 1,200 girls and boys of our education project their new school clothes and learning materials right on time for the start of school in September, and now in October we have equipped the children and young people with their everyday and winter clothes.

Now the new school year and winter can come!

With this video greeting we invite you to travel with us to Nepal and to one of the forgotten regions there.

Enjoy this little insight into our project work.

A warm Namaste from Nepal
Daniela and Steffen from LiScha Himalaya