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Sanjita, the little 9-year-old Chepang is back home with her family! She survived! What happened?

As she has done so many times before, Sanjita went to visit her grandparents in the nearest settlement community.
For the little Chepang, being with her grandparents also means going to the forest with them and picking wild fruits and mushrooms together.

This time was no exception. Tree mushrooms were on the agenda. Tragically, they mistook the edible mushrooms for the similar very poisonous ones.

Shortly after eating them, the grandmother showed the first severe symptoms of poisoning. She died a short time later.

When the emergency call about the grandmother's death and the worrying condition of the granddaughter and grandfather reached us, we immediately sent an ambulance as close as possible to their place of residence (most of the Chepang houses are only accessible on foot).

Thus, Sanjita, much more severely affected than her grandfather, could be cared for only a few hours later in the intensive care unit of a special clinic.

Sanjita Chepang | LiScha Himalaya

Sanjita in the intensive care unit

Due to the intensive medical treatment, she recovered quickly and in the meantime could be discharged from the hospital! The grandfather had eaten comparatively little of the mushrooms and overcame his poisoning with severe nausea and abdominal pain. Good News!!!

Good medical care costs a lot of money in Nepal. Money that families like Sanjita cannot afford. So they are (still) dependent on outside help.
We would like to pass on the thanks of the parents of the young Chepang for their medical support to all of you who help with your donations so that sick people like Sanjita can be treated quickly and in the best possible way, which sometimes even saves lives!

Thank you all for making such help possible!

Sanjita Chepang | LiScha Himalaya

Sanjita Chepang