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Dear WeShape team, dear partners, dear supporters,
we remember well the exciting and energetic first call from Steve in January 2021.
... WeShape, a new, innovative tool that connects companies and their employees with various social organizations to promote giving and democratize the corporate giving process. Here's the idea. ... Wouldn't you like to be a part of it?
Steve's enthusiasm was contagious, and besides, it was a really great idea that we were eager to support.
So it all started in January 2021.
LiScha sagt Danke

LiScha sagt Danke

We were delighted to see WeShape grow. Many good opportunities for companies to get involved and a chance for us to showcase our LiScha work and the people of our project region.
We are very sorry that something so innovative can now not be continued. Thank you to everyone from WeShape! We were happy to be there!
To all of you we say THANK YOU for your interest, for your support, for your togetherness and for your willingness to make the world a better place also here in a "forgotten" area in the mountains of Nepal with your donations.
Those of you who would like to continue to help the small disadvantaged Chepang ethnic group and learn more about our work on the ground are cordially invited to do so. Just visit our Homepage or our LiScha-Instagram and Facebookseite or contact us via e-mail
We are looking forward to meeting you and to creating new perspectives for the Chepang together with you and to continue to work for good and light.
Namaste from Nepal
Daniela and Steffen from LiScha Himalaya