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It is the help-to-self-help project of the first hour!

From the very beginning of our LiScha work, it was clear that we would build a project with people that would give them the chance to earn an income and become independent. With "Give away a beehive", our first self-help project was born. Already in October 2012, 88 families received a beehive and beekeeping training.

The 88 beehives have become 3,743 in the 10 years of LiScha's work. The sale of the honey provides 103 beekeepers with an income and gives them the chance to feed their families.

Many courageous people in our project region show again and again that it is worth investing in the future! It is their way and their chance to independently take the path out of poverty!

Thank you to all who have a share in giving people this chance!

The LiScha Team

Give away a beehive - LiScha Himalaya e.V.


With 5250 credits we can finance a beehive.

Helping people to help themselves: With a beehive and the corresponding training, we give a family the chance of a secure income.

Thanks for your support!

Give away a beehive - LiScha Himalaya e.V.

Give away a beehive - LiScha Himalaya e.V.