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Everyone has the right to medical care. But what if the nearest doctor is more than a day's walk away, accessible only by steep paths in impassable terrain?

New health center | LiScha Himalaya

For the Chepang, the people of our project region, this has been a bitter reality for years. How often did they miss out on urgently needed medical help, sometimes with serious consequences.

Solutions were needed. Medical camps and the employment of medical staff were our first and big steps in the right direction. Now comes another crucial one - the construction of a health center!

At the end of 2019, we could start building the clinic. Full of drive, we rolled up our sleeves, ready to complete as soon as possible the health center that everyone had been longing for. However, the long Corona-Lockdown 2020 with its strict curfew repeatedly caused the construction work to come to a standstill. Currently, Nepal is again in strict lockdown, for 5 weeks and an end is not yet in sight. The whole country is shut down. Only very few activities are allowed.

So we are even more happy that our workers were allowed to stay on site to continue the work on and in our health center.

In the future, 8,500 people will be able to benefit from a well-equipped health station with medical professionals, 365 days a year, around the clock!

A passion project, in which so many good people participate to make it happen.

New health center | LiScha Himalaya