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Dina Maya Chepang is 17 and she is looking to her future with a smile today, as she will successfully complete 10th grade in a few weeks. What a success!

Dina Maya Chepang © LiScha Himalaya e.V.

Dina Maya's family is poor, very poor. They could not afford education. So Dina Maya became one of our first godchildren in 2011. We have watched her grow into a confident teenager. Dina Maya has bravely asserted herself despite her illness with polio!

Every day she took and still takes the long walk to school. Dina Maya wants more, she wants a perspective and we give it to her! To be allowed to learn a profession, to earn her own money, all this is not a matter of course in a country like Nepal.

For girls like Dina Maya we are committed every day anew - for her better future with a fair chance! And gladly also with your support!
Thank you!