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In Nepal, too, winter is just around the corner. Many families still live in simple straw and mud huts without heating or electricity. Most of them do not have money for warm clothes, so the girls and boys often have to survive the winter with temperatures just below zero, dressed much too thinly.

In order to give the children not only a colourful joy, because red and pink are the absolute favourite colours here, but above all to be able to bring them warm through the winter, October/November is always the big moment that all the girls and boys look forward to. Then they receive their new set of everyday clothes - the girls the traditional kurta suruwal, consisting of a long blouse and trousers, and the boys a leisure suit and all a winter jacket and a winter jumper.

In order to tailor the clothes, 17 tailors from our tailoring project go to the vast project region and take the necessary measurements of each child. The 16 schools and 23 kindergartens we serve are often far away from each other and can usually only be reached on foot. Once the tailors have all the measurements, they go into production. After about six weeks, when the 1,200 sets of clothes have been made, our team splits up into four groups and visits each school or kindergarten one by one to hand over the colourful everyday and winter clothes to the girls and boys.

It is always THE colourful event of the year for everyone!

You are welcome to be there and give joy, colour and warmth. Every donation helps to make this event possible for the girls and boys in the future!
Thank you!

Namaste from Nepal
The LiScha Team

Colourful into winter | LiScha Himalaya e.V.


1750 credits enable a girl to attend school for 1 month.

With your support we can provide schooling including a daily hot meal and medical care. Thank you!

Colourful into winter | LiScha Himalaya e.V.