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The girls and boys had to wait a long time for this moment. Due to the month-long Corona Lockdown in 2021, all educational institutions in Nepal were closed. And once again, the children and young people could not go to school. 2020 was actually already challenging enough.

There was a big sigh of relief and great joy when on September 12, 2021, attendance classes were finally possible again!

For us at LiScha, this meant that all 1,200 school children in our education project had to be given their school uniforms, new school bags and all school materials in piecework.

It took almost 3 weeks to visit all 16 schools. In the rainy season, the narrow tracks and footpaths are often slippery, buried or even torn away.
The reward after the often long and strenuous walks - overjoyed girls and boys in their shiny school uniforms!

For them, being able to use the new school clothes means finally being able to go to school again, and attending school is still a privilege in Nepal!

We now wish all children and young people a successful school year with the chance of continuous attendance classes.

We are happy about all those who help with their donations so that the girls and boys can continue to show so proudly that they too can go to school.

You give them more than just education! You give them a real chance, a voice and a perspective!

Thank you!

A warm Namaste from Nepal
The LiScha Team

New school uniforms 2021 | LiScha Himalaya


Feed a child for a month with 175 credits.

With your support, we can provide a child with a hot and nutritious meal every day.

Thanks for your support!

New school uniforms 2021 | LiScha Himalaya