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Siri Maya, the young mother of four from Silinge, is all smiles. It is harvest time, and for the first time she and her husband are standing in front of a variety of vegetables. These are vegetables they have grown themselves. With the help of the LiScha agricultural project, they were able to build a greenhouse, plant fruit trees and grow rice and various vegetables.

Siri Maya proudly reports that for the first time in her life she is able to sell her own vegetables at the market. Sometimes she gets 25 € or more. A new, a relieving experience for the young woman. She can now cook a good meal for her family - sufficient, nutritious and varied.

LiScha Himalaya - A time of change and hope

The time of Corona was not easy for her. The lockdown has also brought painful cuts to her life. For months, there was no income. In general, Siri Maya tells us, it was not long ago that hunger was omnipresent for her. There was only maize porridge and wild potatoes, sometimes a few lentils, but rather rarely. Vegetables were rare and special. They used to have only a pitiful income, which they had to work hard for. They spent hours gathering leaves in the forest to sell them as cattle fodder for a pittance at the market four hours away.
Things are different now.

They still have to work hard, but now they are allowed to earn a fair living. Siri Maya and her husband even dare to formulate plans and wishes for the future. Maybe, if they save well, they can buy a cow or some new tools? Just thinking about it makes them smile.

And you can be part of it and help give disadvantaged people like Siri Maya such precious opportunities!

Thank you!

LiScha Himalaya - A time of change and hope

LiScha Himalaya - A time of change and hope