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The Hippo AI Foundation empowers patients to drive change by starting patient-driven initiatives. 

The first project,, is named after Viktoria Prantauer, a young breast cancer patient. Viktoria1.0 will become a free open, high-quality and inclusive database of breast cancer pathology data. 

Viktoria’s goal is to replicate the examinations she could have access to with open-source medical AI. AI can be trained to diagnose what kind of breast cancer a patient is suffering from using pathology imagery. This knowledge is crucial for the chances of survival. Today, Viktoria is healthy and the Co-Founder and Chief Patient Officer of the Hippo AI Foundation.

Viktoria One.Zero | Hippo AI Foundation

700 credits allow us to annotate an image.

This means that we assign information to a picture so that the AI can read and interpret it accordingly. So to speak, the preparation of the training material.

Thank you for your support!