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Bart de Witte made a clear and bold statement last week. In an interview with Celine Flores, he made the following clear: The only way to avoid monopolism, accelerate the speed of innovation, and break down the walls around life-saving knowledge derived from data is to free data from monetary value.

This is the only way Europe can keep up with the global competition - the U.S. and China - and hold on to European values in the long run. We already see power asymmetries between large platforms and individuals.

One look in the direction of social media is enough to know the power these platforms have and how strong their influence is on our society. What happens when these enormous power asymmetries occur in healthcare, and we combine this with the value system of the U.S. or China? With the Hippo A.I. Foundation, we want to counteract exactly that by demonetizing data and opening up medical data and A.I. as a common good.

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