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A talk format about mental health on our YouTube channel

As a YouTuber known as Malwanne, Vanessa Gierszewski makes videos about things she enjoys. But she also regularly addresses a serious topic, which she also talks about in the new episode "Laut gedacht": her anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

For a long time, Vanessa didn't think that she herself could be affected by a mental illness: "Others have mental illnesses, but I don't". Then, when she developed an anxiety disorder herself, she focused her whole life on the illness until she realised: "My life is really restricted here right now. And then I sought help." In addition to various therapies and advice books, what helped Vanessa most was to speak publicly about her problems and to exchange ideas with other sufferers. Today she says that it has made her a new, stronger person.


With 140 credits we can produce 20 postcards.

Through education and information we can prevent suicides! Thank you for your support!