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Which of the parties represented in the Bundestag have Mental Health on their agenda?

On 26 September there will be a general election in Germany and 83 million citizens will be faced with the big question: Which party will they vote for? Hardly anyone reads the election programmes of the individual parties to make this decision. Freunde fürs Leben have done so in order to give you an overview here and on their social channels before the 2021 federal election of how the parties intend to work towards strengthening mental health.

From 10 September - World Suicide Prevention Day - we will provide you with clear information on the contents of the election programmes, statements by representatives of the parties on concrete measures and interviews with young candidates on their plans until election day here on WeShape as well as on Instagram, Facebook and our website . Take a look and find out how each of them wants to contribute to the care, prevention and destigmatisation of mental illness!

Frnd WSPT 2021 Zitat Diana (c) Tom Wagner

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