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The third season of Kopfsalat starts with a new host: Next to Sara Steinert, freelance journalist and podcaster Frank Joung will be behind the microphone. In the latest episode, the duo welcomes Diana Doko, co-founder and director of Freunde fürs Leben e.V. They talk about Diana Doko's personal experience with suicide, the work of the association and explore the question of why it makes sense to talk about depression even as a non-affected person.

In addition to getting to know Diana Doko's personal story and general information about depression and suicide, this episode is also an opportunity to learn a lot about the association and its demands on politicians. You can listen here or on the usual podcast portals! You can find it here or on the popular podcast platforms!

Kopfsalat 3. Staffel Diana Doko by Valeria Mitelman | Freunde fürs Leben

Frank Joung, Diana Doko and Sara Steinert recording the episode Kopfsalat, Copyright: Valeria Mitelman


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