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Between mania and depression: Dr. Astrid Freisen on bipolar disorder and her own experiences with it.

In the new episode of Kopfsalat, Sara Steinert and Frank Joung talk to Dr. Astrid Freisen, a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, about bipolar disorder. Those affected suffer from phases of mania and depression with very contrasting symptoms: In mania, they feel a lot of energy, sleep little, are very outgoing and suffer from delusions of grandeur.

This is followed by the phase of depression, which is characterized by a lack of energy and drive and often also suicidal thoughts. Dr. Freisen not only knows this illness from her experience as a psychiatrist, but is also affected by it herself. These two perspectives make her an excellent interlocutor on the disease.

Astrid Freisen

Copyright: Astrid Freisen