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Finally, parents' coffee again at the oncological paediatric ward at Essen University Hospital.

In addition to the accommodation and care of families of children with cancer in the parents' home, the association realises offers directly on the oncological paediatric ward.

This includes music therapy, the "cosy evening", the clinic clowns and the parents' coffee. In times of Corona, many of the offers could not take place as usual and understandably our weekly parents' coffee in the playroom of the children's cancer ward also fell victim to the Corona restrictions. Now the joy is great, because it is back, with an adapted concept!

The usual get-together of parents and children in the playroom with coffee & cake has been replaced in a Corona-compatible way by "room talks" with a mobile coffee/cake trolley.

"That is of course something different..." remarks a mum who has been on the ward for quite a while with her 5-year-old son, but still knows the traditional parents' coffee from pre-Corona times "... I do miss the exchange with the other parents, but it is clear that that is not possible at the moment! However, Ben and I are very happy about the friendly-sweet visit and I am especially happy about the helpful exchange".

Our volunteers Lisa and Marlies are also touched by the positive response "It's nice to see that we can finally do something good for the families again, even if it is in this slimmed-down version".

This and other offers for families of children with cancer need your support - would you like to help us with your donation?