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Giorgi reached a very special milestone in his fight against cancer last week: he completed his last unit of proton radiation and was then allowed to ring the big bell in the foyer of the radiation centre.

This is a highly emotional tradition, where not only a lot of worry falls off the parents, but the child sets off full of pride and relief - with a certificate in his hand for his achievements.

Giorgi and his parents will spend Christmas with other families and their children in their "temporary home" in our parents' house. Don't worry: we will take care of the Christmas spirit, delicious food, lots of sweets and suitable presents!

We are aware that it is particularly painful for many families at Christmas time not to be able to take their sick child home to the rest of the family. This may be for health reasons or because the journey is simply too far or too expensive. For this reason, our voluntary association board and our psychosocial team attach particular importance to making it as pleasant and as contemplative as possible for the families - despite Corona and in compliance with the safety precautions.

We also wish you a peaceful and contemplative Christmas and send you and your loved ones the very best greetings and a happy New Year.

Giorgi and his family celebrate Christmas at his parents' home


With 210 credits you finance a cuddly toy "Leo Lion" for an affected child, which he or she receives as an encouragement and symbol of strength at the start of his or her treatment.

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