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We bring a piece of nature right to the doorstep, because in apartment building a lot is possible and every bee counts.

Many people who live in apartment buildings have been looking out the window for decades and see: short-shaven lawn. Well-kept but boring for people and animals. But these areas hold opportunities.

Opportunities that the "Treffpunkt Vielfalt" (Encounter Diversity) project is using to bring more life into our front gardens again. Together with Berlin housing cooperatives, outdoor spaces with dreary uniform greenery were transformed into lively places for people and nature. Courageous decision-makers in the housing sector led the way. But in the project, everyone was to be gotten on board - or on the flower bed :) Residents were interviewed, bees and butterflies were counted, and garden workers were trained.


With a little pluck, the utility lawn turned into a flowering meadow and many a topiary into a bird's paradise. Our results are clear: More plants and animals in the areas improve the well-being of the entire neighborhood!

Now we must continue to monitor what we have achieved. We need funds for our mapping of wild bees and butterflies. The success on the plots shows it - 74 different wild bee species could be detected so far. In order to be able to continue the scientific monitoring of the areas, we appreciate any support.