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Everyone likes bees and flowers. But all too often we miss the colourful hustle and bustle in our own environment. In the PikoPark project, we design a small park right on your doorstep in a Berlin residential neighbourhood.

Berlin's 1st PikoPark invites you to relax and experience something new every day, in an unagitated, friendly way. Where before there was an unkempt "no man's land" of lawns and foreign shrubs, from now on there will be flowers and buzzing. The huge inner courtyard, in the middle of which the mini-park will be laid out on 300 square metres, is open to the public.

Schollenhof Pikopark (c) SMU

Native flowering plants, dead wood, wild bee nesting aids and natural stones promote biodiversity.

The trainee team of landscapers is currently building a bench made of large natural stones. Soon, the first native flowering plants will delight bees & co.

But the tenants should also be brought "into the flowerbed". Our tenants' mailing provides information and invites them to take care of the areas together. Planting campaigns with wild perennials and spring-flowering plants promote the identification of the people with their new area. A high-profile inauguration ceremony at the best flowering time should ensure that this kind of mini-nature park becomes established in Berlin's housing sector and perhaps also in municipal areas. We hope that many people will find inspiration there and feel like enhancing their own balconies or gardens in a bee-friendly and visually appealing way.

We need support to make the PikoParks even better known and to bring even more native plants into the soil. Let's keep the buzzing going!

Schollenhof Pikopark Planting (c) SMU, Cornelis Hemmer

Schollenhof Pikopark (c) SMU

Schollenhof Pikopark Team (c) SMU, Cornelis Hemmer