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A big thank you to all the hard-working Rivercleaners of the summer of 2021!

Just in time for the last CleanUp of the season, the sun also came out. With a diverse team of over 30 hard-working volunteers, we freed the Landwehr Canal from (plastic) rubbish once again.

Especially on market days we have a lot of work to do. The plastic bags are flying into the canal almost every minute. In the end we collected around 1 500 liters of garbage. This time we found a lot of right shoes and even two pairs. How did they end up there? Slowly we are also accumulating a good selection of sports equipment ... Our hard-working volunteers definitely earned a medal for this!

Many thanks to all who have helped! A clean affair!
Your donations also support future CleanUps for clean rivers and seas!

CleanUp Berlin | Clean River Project e.V.

Copyright: Clean River Project e.V.

With 350 credits we can buy all the utensils for a volunteerthat we need during the CleanUps. With your donation we can finance gloves, sterilium, rubbish bags and so on.

Thank you for your support!