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It's that time again: the trees are full of apples and want to be relieved.

In order to experience and preserve the local diversity of varieties, artist Anja Fiedler has been "saving" apples with her " Apfelschätze" (Apple Treasures) initiative for over a decade, linking this with sustainable education and workshops on healthy eating.

On the meadow orchard at the Seehaus at Liebenberg Castle, too, only a part of the wonderful old varieties has been harvested so far. In keeping with the harvest festival, Apfelschätze will proclaim a harvest weekend.


For 2 and 3 October, everyone can register on the Apfelschätze website and pick their year's supply, and not only that: half of the harvest will go to Apfelschätze, will be distributed to schools and day-care centres and processed, so many will be able to enjoy good fruit.

Immediately afterwards, on 4 & 5 October, school classes come to Schloss Liebenberg for apple days.

I have kept a few harvesting places available especially for WE SHAPE USERS. If you want to join in the harvest, please register here and be sure to put (WeShape) after your name.


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Everyone knows this saying. The apple is truly a superfood. In the meantime, however, more and more imported apples are coming onto our dinner table and many a supermarket apple has been heavily treated and healthy nutrients have been bred away. While tons of local fruit remains on the trees, with apples that are often healthier. Apple Treasures enables city dwellers and children to experience local self-sufficiency and get a climate-neutral, vitamin-rich supply for months. Here is the Apfelschätze concept in 90 seconds: