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When I heard the numbers I was shocked: Germans eat about 25 kg apples on average per year, but 75 kg of meat.

With the all-round talent apple, I reinterpret fish and meat dishes from apple bolognese to apple sushi. This brings new taste experiences and healthy and climate-friendly food to everyone's lips.

The apple bolognese even beat the meat version at an Children's Cooking Week and the apple acorn meatballs were the highlight of the last catering.

Apfelschätze saves tons of apples from spoiling, cares for and plants trees and shows children and city dwellers how we can do good for ourselves and the future with food.

Anja Fiedler, Copyright Dieter H.Engler, Whatscookingberlin

Three Apples a day, Konzept | Apfelschätze

2021 Applemenu CR Anja Fiedler

Three Apples a day/ Apfelmenue, Apfeleichelboulette | Apfelschätze