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Thank you WeShape community, for your encouragement and donations, which helped us manifest our gatherings and initiatives! We are honoured to have been a part of this journey and hope you will find your way to us when seeking purposeful and meaningful collaborations for your company. 

For instance, recently we partnered with re:build (https://rebuild.events) and we are co-creating Meaningful and Conscious leadership programmes whereby Indigenous Knowledge is a part of the curriculum. 

„I appreciate from the bottom of my heart this transgenerational meeting of beautiful beings, listening to their actions, observing their sensitivity and power of observation.“ – Fiona

The simplicity of the Sharing Circle combined with the deep impact it has left on participants makes this type of gathering one which we, the Tribal Wisdom foundation will continue to offer. Specifically, in June, 16 Wisdom Keepers and about 50 young people will come together and form small groups, to have 3-5 teaching and sharing circles together in the following half year. 
Your credits are applied, as always, to the cost of location, food, drink and firewood, so that we can keep the contribution fee as low as €11 per person and can cover transport costs for the Wisdom Keepers, who are offering their circle guidance without expecting payment in return. 


„Thank you all for so much enjoyment in all aspects, it has been very enriching, it has been food for the Soul and the heart in pure essence, that has been for me, returning home, returning to me, returning to the Tribe. „- Silvia


Would you like to experience a Sharing Circle hosted by a Circle Keeper in Germany?
Please contact jessica@tribal-wisdom.org for more information. 


Supporting a Wisdom Holder circle

The circles are budgeted at 21.000 Credits, which pay for the location (including wood, cleaning, etc) and some of the food. All the hours that go into the organisation are on a voluntary basis.

For the Wisdom Keepers, we hope to be able to cover their travel cost in the future, overland where possible and only when truly needed. 

Every credit helps, thank you for your support!